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Brief and Concise Plan Intended to be a Mutual Agreement for Some Colonists Willing to go to the South River in New Netherland
Pieter Cornelis Plockhoy was a Dutch Mennonite and social reformer, born in the city of Zierikzee circa 1625. He moved to Amsterdam in 1648, where he became well known in the city’s intellectual circles. In 1658 he went to London where he tried unsuccessfully to gain the support of Oliver Cromwell, the antiroyalist Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, for the establishment of utopian settlements in England. Plockhoy returned to Netherlands in 1661 and in 1662 concluded a contract with the Amsterdam magistrates for the establishment of a settlement on ...
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Policy of the Uganda Mission
Policy of the Uganda Mission is the report by J.J. Willis (1872–1954) that he presented to an Anglican Church congress in July 1912, the same year that he became the second bishop of Uganda, succeeding Alfred R. Tucker. The report begins with an overview of the area, population, and the church’s missionary policy in the six provinces of the Diocese of Uganda. This is followed by sections on church organization, education, discipline, finance, and the role, both positive and in some respects problematic, of European settlers in ...
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