• Ziauddin Ahmad Barni (1890–1969) was born and educated in Delhi, where his father and one of his brothers were instrumental in the development of Urdu newspapers and several members of the family were renowned calligraphers. Proficient in Farsi and English, he worked in the Oriental Translator’s Office in Bombay (present-day Mumbai), until his retirement in 1948. He also wrote for the Bombay Chronicle in both English and Urdu. In 1915 he published this dictionary of terminology in common usage in the Urdu newspapers of the day. Entries are alphabetically arranged, and there is particular attention to the explanation of ambiguous words. The book also includes a description of the systems of government in India and in the United Kingdom and provides notes on important events and dates.


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  • Delhi Printing Works, Delhi, India


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  • اخباری لغات معروف بہ کلید اخبار بینی


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  • 160 pages ; 17.8 x 13.6 centimeters