• This illuminated manuscript is a copy of Dalā’il al-khayrāt (Collection of prayers for the Prophet Muhammad), which was composed by Muḥammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazūlī (died 870 AH [1465 AD]). It was written in black Naskh script in the 11th century AH (17th century AD) in Ottoman Turkey. The prayers ask for blessings for the Prophet, and the individual reciting the prayers would also receive God’s blessings. Like many copies of this text, this manuscript includes additional devotional material, such as lists of al-asma al-sharifa (the noble names). It contains two facing illustrations (folios 15b–16a) featuring the mosque compound in Medina with the tombs of Muhammad, Abū Bakr, and ‘Umar. The reddish-brown goatskin binding is decorated with a central lobed medallion and four corner compartments with arabesque designs on a gold ground and decorative frames. The manuscript is from the Walters Art Museum and is designated Walters W. 583.


Date Created


Title in Original Language

  • دلائل الخيرات وشوارق الانوار في الصلاة على النبي المختار


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Physical Description

  • Foliation: 106. Dimensions: 12 centimeters wide by 19 centimeters high. Catchwords: On versos, written obliquely outside the frame. Framing lines in red, black, and gold