• Ivan N. Momchilov was a noted teacher and textbook writer during the 19th-century era of the Bulgarian National Revival. As a teacher, he recognized the need for a basic primer for his pupils on Church Slavic, and set about writing such a work. His 1847 Grammar of the Slavic Language was Momchilov’s first textbook and the first Church Slavic grammar to be published in Bulgarian and by a Bulgarian. It was compiled using several other grammars as its foundation, namely those by the Russian Ivan Stepanovich Peninskii, by the Russian Nikolai Ivanovich Grech, and by the Serb Avraam Mrazović. Church Slavic is a liturgical language that developed over the centuries from Old Church Slavic, the first written examples of which occurred in the 9th century. It is an archaic, high literary language that does not correspond to the spoken Slavic languages.


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  • Kniazhesko-srŭbska (Pravitelstvena) knigopechatnia, Belgrade


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  • Писменница на славянскій-а языкъ


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  • VІІІ, 179, 13 (unnumbered) pages ; 20 centimeters