• Brief Interpretation of the Holy Church, and How Many Holy Vessels and Vestments Are Kept There, and of the Everyday Services, of the Divine Liturgy, and of the Holy Church Mysteries is a Bulgarian translation of a liturgical work originally written in Greek. Shown here is the second edition. In 1837, when the first edition of this work was published, very few Bulgarian books existed for educational or even religious purposes. The Greek original is by the Hellenistic educator, Demetrios Nikolaos Darvares (1757–1853); the translation is by Raino Popovich, a Bulgarian teacher and founder of a Helleno-Bulgarian school, who played an important role in the Bulgarian National Revival. The cover page announces that the 1846 second edition was “published for the enlightenment of Orthodox Christians and their sons, with the support of the teacher, G. hadji Naĭden Ioannovich, resident of Tatar-Pazardzhik, supporter of Bulgarian enlightenment, and bookseller throughout Slavo-Bulgaria.”



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  • Knigopechatnitsa (tipografiia) na Ĭosifa Kopaĭniga, Bucharest


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  • Краткое Толкованїе на Божественныатъ храмъ на колко са въ него свѧщенны сос/о/уды и одежды, и на Обыкновеннытѣ Послѣдованіѧ, на Божественната Лїт/о/ургіѧ, и на свѧтытѣ церковны Таинства


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  • 56 pages : lithographs ; 18 centimeters