• Bulgarian Phrasebook for Those Who Would Like to Speak Greek is an 1845 phrasebook and manual for writing business letters in Greek for use by Bulgarians. It was not the first such business aid published in Bulgarian, but it is significant because of the importance of its author, Konstantin Fotinov (circa 1790–1858), a Bulgarian educator and editor of the first Bulgarian periodical, Liuboslovie (Philology). Fotinov recognized that in order to compete with the Greeks in the area of commerce, Bulgarians needed to be conversant in Greek, which was widely used in major commercial centers and ports of the Ottoman Empire. The last 26 pages of the book are bilingual Bulgarian–Greek samples of business correspondence.


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  • A. Damianova, Smyrna


Title in Original Language

  • Болгарскіи разговорник за оныѧ, кои обычатъ да се навыкн/о/уватъ да говоратъ гречески


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  • 96 pages ; 18 centimeters