The Marvelous Address: The Revelation of the Beloved (Disciple)


This 18th-century manuscript is a copy of a commentary on the Book of Revelation (also known as the Apocalypse of Saint John), a work by the 18th century writer Yūsuf al-Bānī entitled The Marvelous Address: The Revelation of the Beloved (Disciple). The text is Garshuni (Arabic in Syriac script), and very clearly written, but the title is also written in Arabic script at the beginning of the book. There are also notes in Arabic script, for example, at the bottom of page 3 and in the margin of page 4. There is an indication that the book was once owned by the monastery at Dayr Kfifan, Lebanon. A printed edition of the book was published in Beirut in 1870.

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العنوان العجيب في رؤيا الحبيب

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279 folios, 33.5 x 23.7 centimeters

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