• This 1820 map of Estland Province is from a larger work, Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Poland, and the Grand Duchy of Finland (Geograficheskii atlas Rossiiskoi imperii, tsarstva Pol'skogo i velikogo kniazhestva Finliandskogo), containing 61 maps of the Russian Empire. Compiled and engraved by Colonel V. P. Piadyshev, it reflects the detailed mapping carried out by Russian military cartographers in the first quarter of the 19th century. The map shows population centers (six gradations by size), inns, postal stations, roads (four types), provincial and district borders, and customs houses. Distances are shown in versts, a Russian measure, now no longer used, equal to 1.0668 kilometers. Legends and place names are in Russian and German. The territory depicted on the map corresponds to present-day Estonia.


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  • Saint Petersburg


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  • General'naia karta Estliandskoi gubernii S pokazaniem pochtovykh i bol'shikh proezzhikh dorog, stantsii i razstoianiia mezhdu onymi verst. Sochinena po noveishim i dostovernym svedeniiam, v S-t Peterburge 1820 goda.


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  • 1 map; 40 x 38 centimeters