• This publication is an extra edition of the Official Gazette in which the Constitution of Japan was promulgated. It was preserved in the archives of Irie Toshio (1901-72), director-general of the Bureau of Legislation under the first Yoshida Shigeru cabinet in 1946-47. The revised bill of the Imperial Constitution passed the Japanese House of Representatives on October 7, 1946. The constitution was promulgated on November 3. On the cover page of the Gazette can be seen the autographs of Prime Minister Yoshida Shigeru (1878-1967), Minister of State in Charge of the Constitution (and later the first Librarian of the National Diet Library), Kanamori Tokujirō (1886-1959), and Chairman of the Committee on the Bill for Revision of the Imperial Constitution in the House of Representatives Ashida Hitoshi (1887-1959).

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  • 日本国憲法(官報号外)


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  • 1 book; 29.7 × 20.9 centimeters