• This map of Palestine and the Holy Land was published in Florence around 1480 and was included in Francesco Berlinghieri’s expanded edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia (Geography). Berlinghieri, an Italian scholar and diplomat, was the first modern European to interpret, expand upon, and republish the works of the second-century Greek astronomer and geographer. Nicolo Tedesco, a German printer who worked in Florence, printed Berlinghieri’s work as well as engraved the maps. As with all the modern maps of Palestine added to the early printed editions of Ptolemy, this map was copied from the map of Palestine by Petrus Vesconte (flourished 1310-1330) and Marino Sanuto (circa 1260-1338), first published in Venice around 1320. Vesconte was a navigational chart maker from Genoa who worked in Venice. Sanuto was a Venetian merchant and nobleman who traveled to the Holy Land a number of times and drew maps based on his travels.



Date Created

Publication Information

  • Nicolo Todescho, Florence


Title in Original Language

  • Palestina moderna et Terra Sancta


Time Period


Type of Item

Physical Description

  • Copperplate; 285 x 490 millimeters