About the World Digital Library: Financial Contributors

Financial Contributors

The Library of Congress and its WDL partners acknowledge the following financial contributors:


Carnegie Corporation of New York
The Qatar National Library of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development


Google, Inc.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Microsoft, Inc.


The Library of Congress Third Century Fund, Jeffersonian Fund


James Madison Council of the Library of Congress
Glenn R. Jones
Raja W. Sidawi


Roger S. and Julie Baskes
Consuelo Duroc-Danner
Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest
The Lawrence and Mary Ann Tucker Foundation
Susan Carmel Lehrman


Buffy M. Cafritz
William and Inger Ginsburg
Cotswold Foundation, Martha H. Morris

Additional Support

Bridges of Understanding Foundation
Robert H. Enslow
Nancy Hart Glanville
Legacy Works Foundation
Tom and Kaye Martin
Thomas and Jamel Perkins
Albert H. Small